Reports and records
management tool



The Postscriptum Suite will enable you to produce medical reports, consult patient records and contribute to them, from the dictation step to the final report. It is a report and file management tool for healthcare professionals that essentially includes three main functions: voice recording, written report production and their distribution.



Using a microphone, a standard telephone, an IP phone or a smartphone, record your dictations and working notes. The PSvox range allows you to send, upon request, the list of the dictations and working notes to do, thereby simplifying your work.


Take advantage of the English and French voice recognition feature.
Postscriptum features:

  • Hands-free operation enables you to take notes without interfering with your task;
  • Speed of execution, since you merely have to speak to automatically record your comments;
  • Use of models in which to enter the information by means of voice command;
  • Reduced workload, since you can record the repetitive elements and automatically enter them by voice command;
  • Start and end a voice recording using vocal codes, thus allowing discussions with your customer without encumbering the vocal file with irrelevant recording;
  • Words displayed on the screen without the least effort through foreground voice recognition;
  • Perfect spelling with the general and specialized dictionaries;
  • Automatically sends your dictation on secure servers once the dictation is finished. The employees in charge of typing may have access to the dictation as soon as the vocal file is recorded.

The background vocal dictation mode reduces transcribing work. Unlike the foreground dictation mode that immediately displays the spoken words on the screen, this mode provides a complete transcription after the dictation is sent to your servers. You only have to check the accuracy of the information and correct it as needed.


The transcribing process was designed to avoid errors. Most of the required information is automatically recorded in preset models by way of active links with the lists of the hospital or your private clinic.

Models, standard texts, and specialized dictionaries standardize and simplify the work without compromising the quality of the language.



Notes must absolutely reach the file and a medical report must be sent to the referring doctor as soon as possible. This is why an advanced server is used to manage the distribution smoothly and to send the reports in print, fax or email form according to your needs. The printer and printing queue status may be consulted with a click.


The least printing problem is displayed on a list of errors that enables you to relaunch the affected distribution or to correct the problem. No need to worry about sending and printing your files: nothing can be forgotten or overlooked.



A comprehensive management tool that provides managers with all the tools for :


  • configuration;
  • user right management;
  • work list management;
  • printing batch management;
  • performance reports.


PSvox Serveur

PSvox Server is a dictation server

PSvox PC

PSvox PC facilitates
recording dictations

PSvox mobile

digital dictation application
for smartphones

PSvox Ip

recorded and consulted using
an analog telephone or an IP phone


Easy access

PSvox Player / PSscript

Consult vocal reports
/ A specialized extension of Microsoft Word


automatically centralizes license
granting and monitoring


Guarantees practical management
of all the configurable


Manage secured reports

PSconnect et PSconvert

Exchange and converts