PSvox mobile

PSvox mobile

You no longer need access to a computer to record dictations: your smartphone will now suffice.


PSvox Mobile is a digital dictation application for smartphones intended for professionals. It provides several functionalities that optimize dictation taking and enables users to record anywhere at any time. It also allows uniform distribution for all users, which facilitates its deployment in your organization. You may thus personalize the application according to your needs and automatically standardize the configurations between all your users.


Primarily developed for the hospital field and its special requirements, PSvox Mobile provides :


  • Secured access;
  • Multisite management and personalized models that allow healthcare professionals to make dictations for several hospitals or private clinics;
  • Vocal file transfer by e-mail or the secured FTP server of your medical establishment;
  • Faultless traceability by recording all the actions in the system;
  • High-quality voice recordings;


You may also modify the existing vocal reports by adding instruction or modification tracks, and by personalizing the information attached to the files.


PSvox Serveur

PSvox Server is a dictation server

PSvox PC

PSvox PC facilitates
recording dictations

PSvox mobile

digital dictation application
for smartphones

PSvox Ip

recorded and consulted using
an analog telephone or an IP phone


Easy access

PSvox Player / PSscript

Consult vocal reports
/ A specialized extension of Microsoft Word


automatically centralizes license
granting and monitoring


Guarantees practical management
of all the configurable


Manage secured reports

PSconnect et PSconvert

Exchange and converts