PSconnect et PSconvert

PSconnect et PSconvert

PSconnect is a comprehensive interface server that exchanges with other information systems of your environment. It receives information from third party systems and uses it to automatically download in the PSscript report models. The demographic, radiology, laboratory and other information are then already recorded, thereby reducing the secretarial work and the risk of human errors. Moreover, the examination status changes or the required reports are sent to the other systems of your environment without the least effort.


The software supports several communication protocols:

  • HL7 ;
  • DICOM ;
  • File transfer;
  • Web services.


PSconverts the files into various formats such as .docx, .pdf, .xml, .rtf, and text to generate reports. It then transfers them towards third party systems, such as computerized clinical records.


Two applications are integrated with the Postscriptum Suite and are invisible but essential to the operations of your healthcare establishment. They ensure software interoperability, whatever the standard used, as well as file format conversion. Transfer information from one system to another without a glitch and with perfect integration.


PSvox Serveur

PSvox Server is a dictation server

PSvox PC

PSvox PC facilitates
recording dictations

PSvox mobile

digital dictation application
for smartphones

PSvox Ip

recorded and consulted using
an analog telephone or an IP phone


Easy access

PSvox Player / PSscript

Consult vocal reports
/ A specialized extension of Microsoft Word


automatically centralizes license
granting and monitoring


Guarantees practical management
of all the configurable


Manage secured reports

PSconnect et PSconvert

Exchange and converts