PSvox IP

PSvox IP

With PSvox IP, dictations may be recorded and consulted using an analog telephone or an IP phone. Our network is connected to the standard phone network that enables to use any analog, IP or mobile telephone to reach a Postscriptum account.


  • Recording and consulting the dictations available in the document warehouse;
  • Entirely personalisable menus;
  • Vocal comments may be left on the files for other users;
  • Telephone sessions synchronized with the software in the PC or by the Web (RIS, PACS, etc);
  • Use of latest IP telephony technologies.


Take advantage of all the PSvox functionalities using a simple telephone.


PSvox Serveur

PSvox Server is a dictation server

PSvox PC

PSvox PC facilitates
recording dictations

PSvox mobile

digital dictation application
for smartphones

PSvox Ip

recorded and consulted using
an analog telephone or an IP phone


Easy access

PSvox Player / PSscript

Consult vocal reports
/ A specialized extension of Microsoft Word


automatically centralizes license
granting and monitoring


Guarantees practical management
of all the configurable


Manage secured reports

PSconnect et PSconvert

Exchange and converts